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           Rediffusion Simulation  Arlington Texas USA 1982
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Rediffusion Simulation Inc.
2200 Arlington Downs Road Arlington, TX 76011
Rediffusion Simulation Incorporated began life in the most humble way imaginable — as a spares depot for their parent company, Rediffusion Simulation of Crawley, England, known then as Redifon Electronics, it had just six staff.
The springboard for the company’s growth came in the early seventies when Redifon, then the leading supplier of closed circuit television visual systems, decided to investigate a new visual system for its Flight Simulators. Shortly afterwards, they decided that Redifon Electronics would design and develop this new product, dubbed‘computer generated image visual simulation systems’.

After an appraisal of possible sites in America, Arlington soon emerged as the obvious location for the new company.
The nearby Dallas/Fort Worth airport offered a normal four hour flight time to the most distant US cities — and international service meant that RSI was only eight hours from its parent company. Just as important was the cost of building in Arlington — a good deal lower than in other parts of the country. The decision was clinched by the fact that Texas is one of only six states in the USA which did not levy a state income tax. Arlington itself lies midway between Dallas and Fort Worth, 20 miles from the airport.
The growth of RSI was well illustrated by the expansion of the ground it occupied.
They started with 1000 square feet of rented space in 1968, and remained small until 1974. Then, as success grew, RSI leased a further 10,000 square feet, increasing by 1980 to 36,000 square feet.
RSI then embarked on a major investment programme. In 1981, it officially moved into its new headquarters with building totalling 83,230 square feet of manufacturing and office space and leases a further 25,000 square feet.
Personnel growth was no less dramatic: the original six staff grew to over 400 at Arlington by 1982.