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Gerald Clode
Updated: Jan 2008
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Remembering  Rediffusion Leicester By :
Leicester Rediffusion HQ
Shop / Showroom
Network Service Van
For 30 years the name Rediffusion dominated the TV rental business in the city of Leicester with it's cable TV system offering interference free viewing to over 11,000 homes.

Rediffusion offered a similar service in many major towns across the UK and in some overseas locations.

The well respected service came to an untimely end in the mid 1980's with the sale of the rental business and many of the assets.

There is little evidence of the system today but the name Rediffusion will live on in peoples memories for many years.

To read an account on the history of Rediffusion and the wide diversity of company activities both in the UK and overseas follow the following links to the main website.
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