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Rediffusion Hong Kong
" In December 1957 I was posted to Little Sai Wan and took over as ‘Senior Programme Controller’ of Radio Sai Wan – a local cable network broadcasting initially to RAF Little Sai Wan members – UK and Australian Airmen. As part of the job I arranged with record companies – notable Pye, Philips and Decca in the UK and Capitol and RCA in the USA to be placed on their mailing lists for new releases and, as a result I was offered a contract with Rediffusion Hong Kong for a weekly 30 minutes programme which was to be title ‘Top Of The Pops’. In it I played (usually 10 each week) single – seven of which were new and the three others were the most popular by listener voting from the previous week. " Read More:Broadcasting in Hong Kong    Alan Pearman

Rediffusion Thanet
" Re-Allan Yates
Hi, just checked on website as I have someone who knew my dad, thanks for doing the page it looks great. ."
Audrey Walker was Yates

Rediffusion Newcastle
" I am looking for my father John Southern who worked for your company in Northumberland in the 1950's. Please could you look to see if you have any record of him as I have very little information myself.Any info would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks, ." Linda Steward  

Rediffusion - Desmond Irwin?
" Hello, As part of a book I’m researching, I’m trying to find out some information about a man named Desmond Irwin whom I believe was employed by Rediffusion in the mid/late 1960s, but in what capacity I don’t know. So far, I’ve drawn a complete blank in my efforts to try to locate him. I think the wonderfully comprehensive http://www.rediffusion.info/ is my best bet. Can you help? Do you recognise the name Desmond Irwin? Hoping to hear from you! Many thanks. Best wishes, ." Oliver Lomax  

Rediffusion Malta
" Hi Gerald,I have some memories about the rediffusion service in Malta in my childhood memories. My late father was with the first employees to join Rediffusion Malta in the late 40s. His job was collecting the monthly fees from those using the rediffusion service.If I am right ,the monthly fee was about 7s.He use to go to work, on his Ambassador motorcycle at about 7.30 to the most remote areas and return home about 1500hrs.He collected the money in a pouch same as a school bag. Then he started to sort out the small change(seems everybody paid in small change)This is interesting. He used to put aside old Queen Victoria and King George v half crowns , I as a bad boy used to help myself and when going to the newsagent to buy some sweets he used to refuse them eh. He also used to teach any new entrant collector, I think nearly all of them were taught by him. One name he used to mention most was Commander Hamilton Hill. Service used to start at 0600hrs with the hymn Ave Maria, and close at 2300hrs sombre hymn. Was a very different style of living more peaceful and more relaxing. The life seems to go to rest on the closedown of Rediffusion. I am tired as I am 72 yrs. But If I receive any feedback from you I will talk about the type of programs. Regards Paul ." Paul Sciberras

Rediffusion Research
" Hi Gerald, It was a nice surprise to find so much info on Rediffusion – especially Rediffusion Engineering. (http://www.rediffusion.info/history.html) I was employed in Coombe Lane from 1974 – 1978. Initially as Laboratory Technician, then as Undergraduate during BSc Electrical & Electronic Engineering course at Kingston Polytechnic. Finally as research engineer supporting the company research consultant Dr Tim Cutler (before R.E., he had developed the first flight simulator in the world in Gatwick) ." Tony Read  

Rediffusion Malta
" What (I remember is the following:- The knob on the receiver, set in the centre was for volume. Close to the set fixed to the wall there was an oblong switch, indicating between channel A and channel B. If not mistaken one of the channels was mainly in the English language and the other in Maltese. Rediffusion or the government of the day also supplied sets to Police Stations and an external speaker was affixed to the facade of the Police Station. At set times when government notices were broadcast the policeman on duty used to switch on the set to broadcast to the local residents, who did not have a receiver in their homes. I remember an employee of Rediffusion calling periodically to collect the fee for the service rendered, whether it was monthly or quarterly I do not remember. The receipt was gummed at the back and was affixed in a cardboard folder. The colour of the receipt was of a yellowish tint. The Rediffusion House building in G’Mangia still stands and it is now a listed building. Last February or early March, prior to the recent general elections that were held in Malta the building was re-opened after extensive refurbishments and is now used by PBS, Further information about these refurbishments and its present use as a creativity hub can be found at http://www.pbs.com.mt/ I hope that the above is of interest to you. Regards, ." A.P. Logan

Rediffusion Letchworth
" Dear Sirs, Thankyou, lovely website. As far as I am aware, Rediffusion in Letchworth, covered the new Lordship Estate ( it may have also covered Jackmans Estate ), but I do not know. If I can remember correctly, the Lordship Estate receiving mast, was on Brandles Road/Howard Drive, also a concreate cabinet remains still in Howard Drive, with unknown ownership. The system covered the new ( 1972 ) Wates built houses on the Lordship Estate, on Penn Way. I live on on (and have done since 1972) in Pear Tree Dell (which is off Penn Way ), were we had a Rediffusion neat metal junction box, built in to the house for cable entry (still in the outside wall)(similar to the one shown here http://offog.org/articles/rediffusion/about.html) wired to a in iin-house wall plate, a box would then covert the incoming signal to be viewed on the house TV. I understand, it was a local by law, that NO external TV aerials were allowed on estate and therefore you had to use the Rediffusion system, at a cost of what I seam to remember my parents saying was £5.00 per year. I do not know if its ever been the by law has ever been repealed! From the 1977 book (If I remember the date correctly) “Business in Britain” the IBA coverage maps, show Letchworth, in both the Anglia (Sandy Heath) and London Television areas, but the Rediffusion, system gave three channels, all London based. Our in the roof mounted aerial (pointed at Sandy Heath) was installed by a contractor, during the TV broadcast of the Secret Garden (which is part in colour and part in black and white), which I understand caused some confusion to him, on our Hitachi CNP 190 Colour TV (still have that too)! I know the Rediffusion receiving mast was struck by lightning and reception was lost for a few days and it was the repaired and also the system ended before 1980, due to too few people paying for it. The Lordship Estate Rediffusion system mast was dismantalled and did not become part of Metro Cable. Somewhere in the house I think we still have a VHF to UHF converter, I understand that the same system which had been used in Stevenage, in the Commission for New Towns houses ( our former address been 487 Canterbury Way, Stevenage). Yours sincerely ." Neil Rees

Rediffusion Harrow
" I spent a happy year working from this workshop in 1971 – 72 under the supervision of Skib and Alan (?) who were the two shift leaders under Michael Moore. Then Michael left and Skib got the manager’s job. I remember a blond secretary and another lady in the office. Rediffusion let me attend day release at college for a City and Guilds Electronic course which was good of them. As I recall it was shift work with 4 hours per shift on a two-week cycle where some days were 4 hours long and some were up to 13 hours long. During each 4 hour shift you were required to make 8 home visits to repair TVs, in the Harrow and Greenford areas. This doesn’t leave much time for each repair especially as it took say 15 minutes to travel between premises. Others I remember in my team were Mick Emblow, another Mick (whose name I can’t recall but we called him fat Mick), a guy with long red hair that ran the stores, a young guy called Chris, an older Irish guy. There was also an older guy who just did deliveries of new sets, part time in the evenings. I don’t have any pictures unfortunately. Is there a re-united type site that I could look at ? Best wishes ." Michael Fitch

Rediffusion Wolverhampton
" Hi Gerald, Great site! I joined Rediffusion at the age of 15 in 1963 as a Wireman and over time covered several positions ending up as an Equipment Technician, when R Maxwell took over I remained with the company and again when C Collins took over and it became MDTV leaving in 1998 as Project Manager, all I can say is Rediffusion was a great company to work for. My home e-mail address is; pdrh1@tiscali.co.uk Best Regards ." Paul Hargrove

Rediffusion Camden Town
" Hello My name is Martin Rogers. I didn’t work for Rediffusion but my father, my mother and my stepfather all did. My father’s name was Alexander William Rogers, my mother’s name was Miriam Simpson and my stepfather’s name was Dennis Sullivan. My father and stepfather were best friends and they all worked at Camden Town in London during the sixties. I don’t know when my father started working for Rediffusion, I assume shortly after leaving the RAF in 1945. He was an engineer but suffered a heart attack in 1963 and after coming out of hospital was moved into an office job. Unfortunately he died in 1965 after another heart attack, he was 44 years old. After a couple of office jobs after leaving school my mother joined Rediffusion as a receptionist, I believe around 1951/52. It was here she met my father and they were married in 1952. I was born in 1953. My mother left Rediffusion before my father died to work for an estate agent, but I don’t know when, possibly 1962/63. My mother died in 2012. My stepfather started at Rediffusion in 1954. I know this because I have his 15 year Long Service Certificate. After my father died, Dennis and my mother got together and they married in 1969. Dennis left Rediffusion around 1974/75 to become a London black cab driver. He died in 2010. I hope this information is of some use to you. Regards, ." Martin Rogers

Rediffusion Nottingham
" I worked on Castle Bvd Nottingham as bench/road tv repair tech also went to Beeston College with Andrew Watts, would dearly like to get in touch. I am presently living in Canada, still working as a technician. ." Richard Trzebinski

Rediffusion HQ
" I worked as a shorthand-typist in Carlton House, London from 1947 to 1949, and 1955 to 1960, in the Engineering Department. Is there anyone around from those days? email me: jeanwhittle2@optusnet.com.au ." Jean Whittle nee Storch

Rediffusion West Midlands
" My name is Graham Dunn and I worked for Rediffusion West Midlands from 1964 to 1983 ending up as District Engineer. I also worked at Rediffusion East Midlands from 1983 to 1985 as District engineer for the Region. ." Graham Dunn

Rediffusion Exeter
" Hello Gerald Clode Exeter Rediffusion. I understand that you wish to make contact with anyone who worked for the company in Exeter. I joined the company straight from school in 1944 and remained with them till 1988 when made redundant. I have recently written a brief history of ”Rediffusion in Exeter”and together with some company photo's submitted to our local newspaper the Express and Echo. I was pleased that the paper made a good feature article of it in their nostalgia page. Could you make use of this history of mine,I should be pleased to send you a copy together with a few photo's to your email address. I am still in contact with a few of my workmates. I look forward to hearing from you. Bye for now. ." Ken Ward

Graham Dunn

Rediffusion Nottingham
" I started with Rediffusion at Victoria Road, Sherwood, Nottingham, in 1976, as an apprentice. Bill Scott was the Branch Manager and Bill Chiles was in charge of the workshop. I had 5 happy years there before being \'transferred\' to Lincoln, where I bought my first house, in 1982. After just 3 years, in 1985, following a merger, the Rediffusion name disappeared from Lincoln High Street forever, and was replaced by Granada, which had a shop just across the road. Although I stayed with Granada for a further 19 years, until 2004, things were never quite the same as the \'family environment\' that Rediffusion seemed to have amongst it\'s workers. I was just a young lad when I worked for Rediffusion, but the memories of that era will stay with me forever. ." Phil Lafbery

Rediffusion Barrow
" Hi Gerald I worked in the planning office at Rediffusion, on Dalton Road, Barrow, from 1968 - 1970, when I left Grammar School, and before emigrating to Canada in 1970. Chief Engineer was Mr Simpson. I attended 2 courses at Poulton - UHF and HF, I believe. I was the only female in one class of 11 (HF course I think) - only one of a handful in the country, or so I was given to understand. I did quite well on the course - tied 1st place :-) One evening we all went into Blackpool to see Cilla Black - quite a highlight at the time. No pictures or real stories really I just happened to come across this site by chance. Walney Island is joined to Barrow by a hi-level bridge over the channel. The underwater cable was due to be replaced. Off we went to take measurements. At one end of the bridge road was one of the training buildings for Vickers Armstrong Shipbuilding......and a large roundabout with beautiful flower beds. So, there I was, standing in the middle of the flowerbeds holding one end of the measure......while Mr Simpson proceeded to walk down the centre of the road, and the bridge, to take the measurement. I will try an remember the names of the manager an other staff of the time. Would you have any photo's to share? Kind regards Chris ." Christine Payne

Rediffusion Leeds
" Attended several courses at Poulton. Instructors I remember were Terry Duckmanton, Mike Jago, Charlie Mahoney (Hull), Oh and the Robins Nest and Corner Cafe in the village! ." Richard Gaffney

Rediffusion Zurich
" I didn't knew that there was a TV company called Rediffusion in the UK to be honest. I completed my apprentiship (focused on TV repair service, cable TV installation) in Switzerland for a Radio/TV set seller company and Cable TV provider called REDIFFUSION between 1992 and 1996. There were dozends of stores all over switzerland. It was not a small company, rather huge for this small country. The letters of the company logo where always white on red Background. The head quarter was in Zurich. After the sales business went down drastically at the end of the 90s, the brand Rediffusion, the stores and the cable network were sold to CABLECOM another cable TV provider. In 2002 the name Rediffusion disappeared completly in Switzerland. No one really told me about british roots of the company... at least I cannot remember anyone telling about a connection to the UK.. Do you have any information about the swiss REDIFFUSION? ." Tobias Weber

Rediffusion Canterbury
" I work at the Canterbury branch from 1973 to 1979. Canterbury branch had only recently moved to their new building at Maynard road on the Wincheap industrial estate. I was employed as a wireman and during this time there was a big demand for colour TVs. We had two transit vans which worked on the cable network, upgrading old wiring, and installing cabling to the many new housing estates which were being built at the time. On these new estates most of the cabling was laid underground in polypipes, and trenches were dug mainly by hand unless we could talk the JCB driver on the site to dig it for us. We also had a small subs van which was used to deliver TV sets to the customers house which could also involve running a cable from the junction box into the customers house and installing a selector switch. (drop in) I remember the 26" TVs being quite heavy, so this was a two man job. I can remember once installing a large number of TVs in the Archbishop of Canterbury's palace. The wayleave officer at the time was Ben Bennet who was a local councillor and later became the Mayor of Canterbury. All the wireman had to attend a training course at the Thanet headquarters, where we were taught how to wire up junction boxes, and climbed poles with a harness. A month or so later the tutor would then come to inspect the work that we had recently carried out. If we passed we went onto a higher grade, but failure to meet the required standard would mean attending the course again. Other wireman that I remember working with were Eddie Warner our foreman, Derek Constable, Harry Kidd, John Sullivan, Howard Ing, Alan Burnap, Bill Drew,Steve Bedford, Paul Gladwish, and Derek Chapman. After leaving Reduffusion I went to work for BT where I teamed up with Derek Chapman in the Canterbury telephone exchange. I remember erecting some poles with Steve Bedford who had an argument with our foreman Eddie Warner. Steve was ramming some hardcore and earth around the pole with a rammer and every time he hit the ground he would say Eddie's head. When we got back to the yard latter that day Eddie was complaining of a headache. The Canterbury branch were quite active socially with a cricket team which played in the local evening league, and a football team which played in the local Sunday league. There were also annual organised trips to places such as Brighton. These were happy days. ." Martin Wead

Rediffusion Coombe
" Hi Gerald, I worked for a fun but brief period from 1985 to 1987 in Combe Lane on the digital element of the System 8 development project. I enjoyed most of my time there among so many talented people. The range of skills and experience ranging from RF engineering, TV, production engineering to computers and software was truly stunning. It was a shame that Robert Maxwell didn't appreciate the asset that was there as that group of people could turn their hands to anything. System 8 was years ahead of its time and possibly too sophisticated for the market at the time. ." Ken Smith

Rediffusion West Midlands
" Gerald, I left school and did an apprenticeship with Rediffusion (West Midlands) - Wolverhampton branch. Now living in Oregon. Philip ."

Rediffusion St Helens
" I worked for rediffusion at the tv manufacturing factory at St Helens Bishop Auckland from 1970 till 1985 it was the best working years of my life . An impressionable time of anyone’s life from the age of17 met loads of very good people but lost touch when the place closed down .it would be nice if the website could reunite long lost friends. Im now 59 and always regretted not keeping in touch with people i almost lived with for 15 years.When i find more time i will send you some of my memories Geoff ."

Rediffusion Barbados
" I am an ex-employee (freelance) of the Starcom Network Barbados, which grew out of Barbados Rediffusion limited. Indeed, 80 percent of the infrastructure housing the several radio stations in the Starcom stable is of Rediffusion vintage; all of the b’cast studios and much of the CRT, etc. All of my mentors, notably the late and redoubtable actor and broadcast journalist, Alfred Pragnell, were trained at Rediffusion. The company without doubt set the bar in broadcasting and broadcast engineering in Barbados. It is still sadly missed and remembered fondly on the island. Should you need further information, do not hesitate to get in touch. Best wishes, ." John Stevenson

Rediffusion Simulation Inc.
" Gerald - I must says it’s been a while since I worked at RSI. I started there around ’78 or ’79, then left for my current position at Kla-Tencor in February of 1985. I worked directly for Jeff Everitt as a Field Engineer performing the visual system electronics and the interface to whatever host box was used by the motion base. I did a good deal of traveling for RSI and it was interesting for a fact. I was trying to remember, and I believe his name was Gary Mann who was my mentor there and regret I lost track of him and Jeff, and other guys that almost 30 years have dimmed somewhat. Glad to see some information on RSI though and thanks for the opportunity to revisit some of those memories. ." Gary Heronemus

Rediffusion Littlehampton
" Hi Gerald Amazing - seeing the pictures of Rediffusion, Lineside Ind. Est. and the rest of the site. I am not the only one who has fond memories of my time with Rediffusion! Thanks for your work Regards Peter Offen ." Peter Offen

Rediffusion Northampton
" Hi Gerald I seem to recall that you emailed me some long time ago when you were first setting up the site. I just came across it again, and there is a picture of me on there ! I am the one standing on the ground at the left of the carnival float from 1970. My wife since 1975 worked initially in the showroom with Felicity (sitting far left, and married to Peter Townsend standing on the float behind Dave Snedker) and Christine Cox sitting to her right, before moving into the office, and working with Sheila in picture 4. Sitting on the floor of the float on the left is Mark Cotton, the Saturday Lad, and crouched down to his right, is Mick White, a wireman. I remember that carnival like it was yesterday. Do you have any area for posting questions anywhere on the site ? I have just come across a complete network department TDR setup in its original leather carry case, but sadly, there is no instructions for using it, and as I was TV, I never had cause to use one - except maybe at Poulton on a course - so don't know the interconnections of the various units, and how to use it. I'm sure there would be someone out there that did though. The setup comprises a Telequipment D32 dual trace battery / mains 'scope, a GE105 pulse generator, an AT108 switched attenuator box, and two other diecast boxes designated ME173 and ME174. The 'scope all appears to work, but it would be nice to set it all back up again ... Geoff Darby ." Geoff Darby

Rediffusion Bristol

Redifon Fleetwood
" Hi. Searching for info on Redifon I came across your name as the historian of the group. I worked for Redifon at Fleetwood servicing the radio equipment on the trawlers in the 1960/70's. Like you I am now retired and I am trying to trace a pension from back then but all traces seem to have evaporated. I think it was called the "Q-scheme" and underwritten by an insurance company in Aylesbury. I wonder if you or your contacts can help trace who might now be holding this pension. By coincidence, I have also lived in Perth W.A. - Ullapool Road, Mount Pleasant. Wish I was still there! Thanks in anticipation. Wilt. ." Wilton Taylor

Rediffusion Bristol
" Hi Gerald I worked at Rediffusion as an office junior from around September 1971 to June/July 1972. I worked with a lady called Alma (can't remember her surname. The Manager was Mr Brown and the Office Manager Lawrence Grice, Dave Wakeling worked in the workshops. I can remember a few more faces but not their names. Would be interested to know if anyone else still around from those days. Kind regards ." Nicky Diwell

Rediffusion Thanet / Redihire Rosedale
" G’day Gerald What a find..... had no idea this website existed, I have spent the last 2 hours going over everything and it has brought back so many memories. Just to fill you in with my life at Rediffusion Thanet I started as an apprentice in 1969 along with 6 other young upstarts and commenced college at Canterbury doing a full time course, the idea being that we would be fully trained colour TV techs in the minimal amount of time, all I can say is it worked but tended to upset the resident techs who saw us as full of theory but no practical knowledge! I think now some 40 years later I can safely admit they were quite right although at the time we tried to not be too pushy. The days at college were shall I say fun? We had a laugh or two or three perhaps even more.... Arriving at college with completely frozen hands and face didn’t impress the lecturer, couldn’t write or speak for a couple of hours! Mr Hutson was the man, brilliant at his job learnt more from him than anyone. (Except the lecture from the old WWII inventor Barnes Wallace who turned out to be an absolutely enjoyable 3 hours of invertors stories, has us in stitches) Our days at the branch at Westwood or Relay house were full of stories from days out with the “wiring Gangs” the Dalby cafe, the van races, how many pints could you sink before the pub shut after the late shift finished etc. The trips to London for “training” Finchley? I think. Silly person whoever chose the site for training as it was opposite the Morgan car garage/factory and there was generally more interest in them than TV theory and of course the pub crawls in the evenings were a challenge..... not the pub crawl but the getting home bit! One of the more odd episodes was the all night shift on election night, it took one bored customer to call up for a service call at some ungodly hour of the night and some minutes later two of us turned up to fix his telly, gobsmacked? You bet. Working Christmas day provided any number of Xmas meals, wine and greetings... A few of the lads met with the girls next door at Bowketts! I Shall forever remain quiet about that! Does anyone remember Aubrey Mann the service manager? Lovely guy who did his best to control us, Ted Woodward the one eyed spare parts store man (an ounce of Ohms dust please Ted!) If Ted was in a bad mood not many parts got issued. There are many stories from my time at Thanet and they taught me a lot apart how to repairs tellys! By early 1974 I was engaged and wanted to emigrate to Australia so I put in for a transfer to Sydney and arrived there at Redihire 375 Eastern Valley Way Roseville with John Poules as boss in November 1974. I have had a look at the pictures from Sydney and low and behold there I am..... The picture of the van with the Sydney Harbour bridge and Opera House as a backdrop? It is me in the van (although me has been blacked out but I have the original which clearly shows me) The press advert with a tech taking a TV out of the van? It’s me, again and the line up of vans outside 375 Eastern Valley Way. Sydney was memorable for collecting speeding fines, scorching hot, working in the seedy depths of Kings Cross the red light district. In the 70’s this was a tough town and with a police sergeant at the local Darlinghurst cop shop known as “Bumper Farrell” then it may give you an idea of the police and gangs! I guess I got to know Sydney very fast and produced 3 lovely children there. I left Redihire in 1978, it was very close to being sold off to Radio Rentals and after a short break found myself working with them for some years to come. I have long since lost touch with other staff at Redihire but you never know who may turn up on the Rediffusion site. Well done Gerald, keep it up. Regards Andy" Andrew Hankin

Rediffusion Nottingham
" Hi Gerald, greetings from Vancouver Island British Columbia,Canada. Reading your 'blog' you must have escaped the U.K. about the same time as me, 1986? I joined Rediffusion at Castle Boulevard and had a whole bunch of fun during my learning process. Suez Canal issue caused problems with petrol rationing and driving in Nottingham in the worst of the smog made learning to drive interesting to say the least. Graham Blackburn,Gorden Hayden, John Poules,Bill Childes, Ray Harby, Ian Bland,Ted Sands, to name just a few were all at Nottingham at the time. I notice that Nottingham fleet seems to be the only area with the gold leaf lettering on a black background on a red vehicle. I think that was a most attractive distinctive design. I searched but was unable to find a picture of a Bedford CA in that livery. Thanks for a most interesting website, it bought back many happy memories for me. Regards, Dave Stimpson." Dave Stimpson

Rediffusion Bristol
" Hi there I was a rep for Rediffusion Cable-vision in 1983 at its launch in the Bristol area. I have lots of the old tv guides from rediffusion and over three hours of old video transferred from Betamax showing openings, closedowns continuity adverts etc from TEN, Mirrorvision, premier, music box, screen sport, lifestyle, Sky channel and others." Ed Hearn

Rediffusion Scotland
" Dear Mr Clode I wonder if you are able to assist with the following questions. As a young boy I lived in a property that was totally served by gas. I can remember electricity being provided to our home, is it feasible that piped radio could have been brought into the property prior to electricity or was this not feasible? The radio service we had, was through a rectangular box attached to the wall. From my recollection this had two control knobs, one for on/off and volume the other for programme choice, would this tie in with anything likely to br insytalled by Redifussion? My home was in Kilmarnock, Ayrshire do you have any idea when the service may have been brought to Kilmarnock or is it possible a similar service was provided by another organisation, other than Redifussion? Any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Arthur McInall

Rediffusion Montreal
" I just found your web site.....my late father, Eric (Bill) Sykes, worked for Reduffusion in Montreal for several years in the 1960's. He was a sales rep, selling Muzak, and was the first in Canada to sign up a chartered bank for background music. I don't know if this info helps you. Pls. contact me if you wish....I'd be happy to help. I can tell that Tim Cross was the president during my father's employment. Best regards, John Sykes Abbotsford, B.C. John Sykes

Rediffusion Malta
" My the old ford name is Jo Debono,and i must admit I am pleasently surprised to see your site. It brings me lots of memeries of the good old days, I will send you later some pics of the old ford pa, van and also an other of the wholeteam of MTV WAY back1966 approx.Also you can go into my other site at studioseven malta and see my museum of equipment of the era. I have to leave you for now .Regards. JO Debono