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According to Rediffusion's records, Benjamin Corless Sykes, a Blackpool Borough Architect purchased the 15 acres of land on which the Manor now stands from Jennet Bailey on December 2nd 1895.
Originally known as The Manor, Poulton-le-Fylde, it was built as a dwelling in 1895 by Sykes, who also designed the Norbreck Hydro. It is said that the Manor's Observation Tower was included so that Sykes could observe the building progress of the Hydro.
In the early 1900’s Sykes opened The Manor to the general public, offering afternoon teas and orgaising trips from Cleveleys and Blackpool to The Manor.
An advert in The Blackpool, Lytham & Fleetwood Gazette of July 15th 1902 says:

“To Blackpool. visitors - Now drive to the magnificent country mansion The Manor Poulton-le-Fylde, (off Moorland Road). Ornamental Gardens, and an extensive collection of pictures and art treasures. Admission: 6d Children 3d. Teas and other refreshments. Tuesdays and Thursday 1s. (Tea included). Closed on Sundays. The Manor is also within walking distance of Poulton Station.”

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Poulton Manor C1905      Manor Drawing Room      Manor Dining Room      Manor Sculptured Ceiling

The building was sold to George Duckworth on January 30th 1907 as a dwelling house.   See 1907 Conveyance Document

A memorial east window stands in St Chad’s which is described in the church guide book of 1949: "The three centre lights of the east window are in memory of George Duckworth of The Manor, Poulton-le-Fylde, who died December 4th 1923 and of his young son George Reginald Joseph Duckworth LLB who died July 4th 1927". The window was dedicated on November 8th 1934

The Manor was later sold to Messrs. Goider and Machin to be used as a vegetarian guest house.

The Manor became derilict until offered for Auction in 1951 and unsold. It was re-advertised in 1952 and bought before the auction to be the Central Training school for Rediffusion.

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Geo. Unsworth - Manor Auction Notice 1951      Manor Sale Particlars 1951      Annexe Sale Particulars 1951

The Manor - Sales Notice 1952       The Manor - Auction Notice in 1952

Rediffusion's Paul Adorian had suggested Blackpool as a venue for the newly proposed Central Training School; Oliver Berry (General Manager of North West Region) asked B.N. Williams (Branch Manager of Blackpool, and a keen antique collector) to investigate.
R.P. Gabriel and R.C. Scrine visited Poulton in 1952 and made an offer which was accepted. The Company (i.e. Mr. and Mrs. R.C. Scrine) moved in on August 1952

Poulton Manor opened as Rediffusion's Training Centre in 1953 and in it's 30 year history held over 3000 training courses for engineering technicians with over 15,000 service staff passing through it's doors. Visit:   Rediffusion Central Services - Poulton

In 1985 Rediffusion was sold to Granada    and The Manor was surplus to their requirements and offered for sale.

A large painting hung in the central hallway and this was offered for sale at Sotherbys. At first it was thought to be by van de Neer, but was later attributed to a lesser artist, van.Heemskerck. it eventually fetched £4,500 at auction in October 1985. it had suffered prior to its sale due to attempts by the caretaker of the Manor to clean it with detergent.

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Artfind at Mansion      Expert to Examine Find      Closure a Blow

The Manor was declared a Listed Building on 16th August 1983. It became a Nursing Rome since around 1989 for up to 69 residents and closed down early 1999.

It was sold again in 1999 and totally refurbished, modernised and re-registered with the North West Lancashire Area Health Authority as Alexandra Nursing Home for 40 residents, later in 1999.

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The Modern Hallway      The Modern Dining Room

Poulton Manor
   Moorland Road
Poulton - Le - Fylde
The Manor photographed in 1968.
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REDIFFUSION ( Broadcast Relay Service ) was started in 1927 by Paul Adorian who later headed up the Headquarters in Carlton House, London