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Jake Loddington  was in charge of the Rediffusion Central Training School at The Manor, Poulton, at the time of the 'merger' with Granada. When The Manor closed, Jake managed to salvage a few old records, one being the register of the first Poulton courses, from No.1 in November 1952 to No. 323 in December 1959.

Jake recently had occasion to look up his own results from when he attended an Advanced Audio course as a trainee in July 1956.
Browsing through some later courses, he was surprised to see that in September 1956 there was a course on Elementary Vision for Women. Mrs Harris from Birkenhead scored 91%, and Mrs Dunne from Middlesbrough was second with 88%.
The example below shows the actual course subjects 'on offer' from 1952 to 1956.
Click the images to see an expanded example
      The example below comprises the names of the very first attendees on 24 November 1952  (60 Years Ago !)
If you remember attending any of the courses listed in the 1950's, Jake will be pleased to 'look up your results'
and remind you just how well you did !  Email us at the link below.
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