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email - Gerald Clode
My late grandfather, Gerald ("Gerry") A. Slater, was a radio engineer. He spent the early 1920's in Peru, establishing a series of radio stations there with Marconi. My mother and aunt were both born in Lima, Peru, and I have his diary recording some of his adventures in 1923. From 1944 to approximately 1950 he headed up Rediffusion in Trinidad. He later spent a period as General Manager of Station ZFY for Rediffusion in Guyana,, and then the family moved to Malta around 1950-51.
At that time he was joint managing director with Commander Edward Hamilton-Hill.
My mother and I moved to Malta in 1959 and were there (I was at the Royal Naval School in Tal Handaq) for the next couple of years.
My grandfather went on a cruise but suffered a stroke and was hospitalised in London until his death in January 1960. The executor of his estate was his close friend Freddie Bellchambers, chairman of Rediffusion.
The Pictures and information supplied by:  Andrew Page-Robertson in memory of his late Grandfather, Gerald A Slater who was Managing Director of Rediffusion Malta.