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Leicester Employees By  Department
Television Service

Ray Thorpe    (Early 1960's)
Doug Adams    (Early 1960's)
Roger Hine    (Early 1960's)
Alan Conway,     (Early 1960's)
John Brigstock    (Early 1960's)
George Kennerley    (Early 1960's)
Bill Kelly    (Early 1960's)
Martin Reece    (Early 1960's)
John Harlow    (Early 1960's)
Doug Adams    (Early 1960's)
Gerald Clode    (Mid 1960's)
Peter Blow    (Mid 1960's)
Mick Farmer    (Mid 1960's)
Paul Squires    (Mid 1960's)
John Conway    (Mid 1960's)
Mick Beazley   Early 70's)
Anthony Hancock   Early 70's)
Charlie Stevens   Early 70's)
Mick Grant   Early 70's)
Rod Read   Early 70's)
John Garwood    (Mid 1960's)
John Page    (Mid 1960's)
Rohit Patel    (Mid 1960's)
Neville Fulham    (Mid 1960's)
Stuart Wilson    (Mid 1960's)
John Garwood    (Mid 1960's)
Paul Squires    (Mid 1960's)
John Conway    (Mid 1960's)
Bunny Neale,    (Late 1960's)
Dereck Sunman    (Late 1960's)
Howard Davis     (Late 1960's)
John Bryon    (Late 1960's)
Mick Beazley   Early 70's)
Anthony Hancock   Early 70's)
Rod Read   Early 70's)
Sash Chauhan    (Early 1970's)
Paulo Serafini     (Mid 1960's)
Terry Wells    (Early 1970's)
Tony Fletcher    (Early 1970's)
Tony Cancans    (Early 1970's)
Mick Aucott    (Early 1970's)
Peter Mann    (Early 1970's)
Jack Gungat    (Early 1970's)
Alen Keene    (Early 1970's)
Malcolm Parmer    (Early 1970's)
Mick Farmer    (Early 1970's
Bip Chauhan   (Early 1970's)
Harry Corrigan    (Early 1970's)
Mark Williamson  (Early 1970's)
Terry Knight    (Early 1970's)
Alan Sansome    (Early 1970's
Bob Sturgess    (Early 1970's
VJ Amin     (Early 1970's
Steve Lawrence   (Late 1970's

Peter J. Dignan.  GM   (Early 1960's)
John Poules    GM   (Mid 1960's)
Bill Gray  GM   (Early 1970's)
Dereck Newbutt.  GM   (Mid 1970's)
Mike Chilton  EIC   (Mid 1960's - 80's
Gordon Haydon  Service   (Mid 1960's)
Laurence Root  Ch. Eng.   (Early1960's)
Larry Wilson  Wiring   (Early 1960's - 70's
Russ Stamp  Network   (Early 1970's's)

David Sneath  Planning (Early 1960's)
Bob Smith   Service - Accounts     (Early 1960's)
Gayle Smith       (1960's)
Rene Philips    (1960's)
Pat Hargreaves  Planning     (Early 1960's)
Margaret Jowett  Secretary     (Early 1960's)
Beryl Jarvis (1960's)
Dick Holt  Accounts  (1960's)
Elizabeth Duke     (Early 1960's)
John Brown  Wayleave Officer  (Early 1960's)
John Brouder  Accounts    (Early 1960's)
Mick Savage  Planning    (Early 1960's)

Max Lane     (Early 1960's)
Norman Bradbury   (Late 1960's - 70's
Ray Perkins  (1960's)
Wally Lay   (Late 1960's - 70's
Doug Adlam   (Late 1960's - 70's
Jim Larn   (Late 1960's - 70's
Ken Mason   (Late 1960's - 70's
Keith Tester   (Late 1960's - 70's
Marj Wooley   (Late 1960's - 70's

Ken Mack  ( Service Controller)  1960's - 70's
Ernie King    ( Service Controller)  1960's
Paddy O'Brien ( Service Controller)  1970's 
Walter   (Janitor)    1960's
Jack Lilley  (French Polisher)  1960's 70's
Equipment Service

Bill Jackson,(Early 1960's)
Mick Mayer (Mid 1960's)
Roger Hine (Mid 1960's)
Kevin Budd (Mid 1960's)
Graham Lee (Mid 1960's)
Mal Clarke (Mid 1960's)
Phil Bagshaw (Late 1960's)
Tony Marriott (Early 1970's)
Rob Freeman (1970's)
Network Maintenance

John Mallott   (1960's)
Gary Parkinson   (1960's)
Terry Ayres   (1960's)
Dereck Reeve   (1960's)
Rob                  (1960's)


Sid Cox         (1960's)   
Howard Walker    (1970's)
Russ Stamp       (1970's)
Mike Densham     (1960's)
Terry Goodwin     (1960's)  
Alan Cook    (1960's)    
Glen Wardle   (1960's)
Norman Wann    (1960's)
Derrick Astley    (1960's)
Mick Stubbs      (1960's)
Gary Crockett   (1960's)  
Bill Silverwood   (1960's)
Barry Oliver         (1960's)
Roger                 (1960's)
Mick Sabin        (1960's)
Roger Orton        (1960's)
Roger Mills        (1960's)
Phil Dowling        (1960's)
Gary Johnson        (1960's)
Danny Mann        (1960's)
Martin Earl        (1960's)
Mick Dobson        (1960's)

Here you will find a list of Leicester Rediffusion personnel by department.  Many of the names have been supplied by contributors to this website.  If for any reason you wish your name to be removed, just email me.

This is just a small number of all those who "slaved away" at  Leicester Rediffusion over the years. If you wish to add yourself or can come up with some names not listed just email !   
Why Be Shy !  We all enjoyed our time there, didn't we ?