Gerald Clode TV Service TV Service Engineer Yes
Gary Angrave TV Service TV Service Engineer  
Peter Blow TV Service TV Service Engineer Yes
John Brigstock Engineering TV / Equipment Eng. Yes
John Bryan Engineering TV Service Yes
Mike Chilton Engineering Engineer in Charge Yes
Shash Chohan TV Service TV Workshop Eng. Yes
Bip Chohan TV Service TV Service Engineer Yes
Malwyn Clarke Equipment  Dept. Equipment Eng.  
Trevor Cooke Equipment Dept. Equipment Eng. Yes
Harry Corrigan TV Service Dept. Workshop Engineer Yes
Sid Cox Network Wiring Foreman Maybe
Gary Crisp Wiring / Network Wireman Yes
Howard Davies TV Service Dept TV Service Engineer Yes
Mike Densham Network Wireman Yes
Bob Duncan TV Service Dept Field Service Eng. Yes
Jeff Egginton TV Service Dept Service Eng. Yes
Mick Farmer TV Service TV Service Engineer Yes
Rob Freeman Engineering Equipment Engineer Maybe
Terry Goodwin Wiring / Network Wireman Yes
Bob Halls Network Network Engineer Yes
Brian Harmer Network Network Engineer Yes
Gordon Hayden TV Service/ RIS Sales Service Manager Yes
Roger Hine TV Service / Network TV  / Equipment / RBE  
Irene Hirst Office Service Office Yes
Andy Hirst Network Wireman Yes
Bill Jackson Engineering Snr. Equip.Engineer Maybe
Beryl Jarvis Office Network Planner Yes
Alan Jones Engineering Control Operator Yes
Paul Key TV Service Dept. TV Service Eng. Yes
Terry Knight TV Service TV Service Engineer Yes
Steve Lawrence TV Service TV Service Engineer Yes
Barry Lockwood Wiring Wireman / Stores Yes
John Mallot Network Network Supervisor Yes
Tony Marriott Engineering Snr. Equipment Eng.  
Robert McCairley Engineering Management Trainee  
Tony Parkin TV Service TV Service Engineer  
Gary Parkinson Network Network Engineer Yes
Mansukh Patel TV Service TV Service Engineer Yes
Rohit Patel TV Service TV Service Engineer Yes
Trevor Poole Wiring / Network Wireman Yes
John Poules Branch Office EIC / Branch Manager Yes
Alan Sansome Engineering Apprentice  
Bob Smith Office / General Service Clerk /  General Yes
David Sneath Office Network Planner Yes
Paul Squires TV Service TV Service Engineer Yes
Charlie Stevens TV Service TV Service Engineer Yes
Philip Toone Wiring / Network Wireman Yes
Terry Wells TV / Network Network Engineer Yes
Stuart Wilson TV Service TV Service Engineer Yes
Howard Walker Wiring / Network Wireman / Supervisor Yes
Danny Wann Wiring / Network Wireman Yes
email: Gerald Clode
Malabar Road
Leicester LE1 2EQ  Tel: 0533  21657
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