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151 / 157 Beverley Road
Kingston-on-Hull, Yorkshire. HU3 1UA   
Tel. 0482 28691
Rediffusion Branches - Hull.   
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Cable Vision Dishes 1984
Rediffusion Hull served as the head offices for the Yorkshire Region. There were also Branch Offices in:  Grimsby, Leeds, Rotherham and Shipley with additional Service Centres in  Halifax and Harrogate. The region had around 30 shops in the towns and cities of the counties serviced. Most of the region offered a Wired Vision Service to subscribers within the city areas. Read More
Hull was one of the first cities in the UK to receive relayed Radio Channels via the Rediffusion Network as early as 1928.  By the time of the demise in the mid - 1980's
Rediffusion Hull boasted the UK's largest subscriber base of over 48,000 customers.
Do you remember Hull's Angels ?

‘Broadcast Relay's Musical Cabin’ was located in a local park.
The "angels" had to  hand out leaflets to passers by.
Read More at: "Vic. Johnson's memories."
There are many great old pictures of  Rediffusion Hull on the following pages.          
Please take a look.  Maybe you were there and recognise others.  Let us know !
Scrapbook    Now 8 Pages of pictures including many of staff members
Scrapbook Page 8   New pictures provided by Carol Winter
2009 Staff Reunion   All the latest pictures from the December 09  Gathering
David Jordan   Memorabilia, including Employment and Union papers.
Mike Worsey   Mike's recollections of his days with Rediffusion
Ken Allott  Ken's memoirs of Rediffusion 1954 - 1986
Les Harrison  Pictures of social gatherings ( late 70's )
John Bell  John's memoirs of Rediffusion Hull
Staff Pictures  Over 200 'ID' photographs of Ex - Hull employees
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Hull's  Angels  1930's
Beverley Road Headquarters 1978
Beverley Road 1978
Before Demolition 1997
After Redevelopment 2008