Rediffusion Branches
Rediffusion House,  Park Farm Road
Folkestone. Kent  CT19 5DU   Tel:  Folkestone 52294/5
Rediffusion Folkestone was part of the South East Region.   The town had a "Wired Vision" system and TV rental shops located at 69 Sangate Road and 33 High Street.

Rediffusion Folkestone was born out of the the aquisition of the Folkestone Radio Relay business in the early 1960's. Orginally the system had a wired 4 programme relay service incorporating a separate VHF 405 TV cable system. When Rediffusion took over the business they replaced the network with the TD-UK2 multicore wired service, 4 TV and 3 radio channels.  Many of the towns in south east England suffered from poor VHF television reception so interference - free viewing by relayed signals was an effective option.  Folkestone boasted 10,000 cable subscribers.
I am looking for information on the Folkestone Branch.  Did you work there ?   
What are your memories  ?
Do you have any old pictures,  information on the Wired System,  Staff etc.
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The Old  Rediffusion Folkestone Branch  Building  1973 
Do you have a picture of the Rediffusion Folkestone offices ?
Terry Gillett worked for Rediffusion Folkestone and other South East branches as a service engineer  from the early 1960's until the demise of Rediffusion in the mid 1980's.

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Terry Gillett    
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Rediffusion Folkestone Shop  1979