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C Sharpe,  F J Bellchambers,  L Thurman

C Sharpe, F J Bellchambers, L Thurman

C Sharpe,  L Thurman

C Sharpe, L Thurman

Rediffusion (East Midlands) Silver Jubilee Dinner:  26  Feb 1957
Long service staff awards were presented with awards by Mr Bellchambers, then chairman of Rediffusion (East Midlands) Ltd.

25 Years Service

Mrs L Hurst          (Tea Manageress)
Mr R Boynton       (Subscriber Relations Officer)
Mr B Gibson         (Chief Wayleave Officer)   
Mr H Harper          (Manager of Collectors)
Mr H Hodgkinson  (Chief Storekeeper)
Mr F Kettle           (Network Maintenance) 
Mr L Wilson          (Network Engineer)
Mr A Braidley        (Service Inspector - Rotherham)

15 Years Service

Mrs A Brit           (Chief Ledger Clerk)
Mrs J Chadburn   (Cashier)
Mrs K West        (Ledger Posting Clerk)
Mr J K Piggott     (Chief Engineers Office)
Mr H Carnhill       (Despatch Dept. Lowdham)

To mark his 25 years association with Nottingham, Mr Cecil Sharp was presented with a set of pipes by Mr L Thurman, General Manager.
Cecil Sharp, F J Belchambers and Len Thurman blow out the candles on the 25th Anniversary Cake.
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