1963 Rediffusion achieved one million cable subscribers worldwide.

1967 Many networks were rewired to take account of 625 line programmes on BBC2

1968 The first VHF coaxial cable networks were introduced

Dial-a Programme was unveiled. The worlds first mult-channel system based on the 'Multi-pair' system could deliver over 100 channels.

1969 Colour was introduced on all channels.

1972 Community Cable TV was licenced in a number of British towns.

1976 An experimental Fibre Optic link was introduced to the network in Hastings - the first application of fibre optics in cable TV in the world..

1980 The UK issued 13 subscription channels, five of which are operated by Rediffusion under the name of Starview.The service shows mainly feature films for a monthly
rental of  8-10  pounds.

1980 It was realised that many other programmes would shortly be available and a new transmission system was designed. This was known as System 8, it used 5 coaxial cables each carrying 6 TV channels at VHF, this was converted back to UHF at the subscriber connection.

1986 Rediffusion set up a trial of their new System 8 in Guildford. Robert Maxwell had by now bought the company. It was decided that System 8 would not be viable so it ceased to operate and all UK networks were sold.
1927 Broadcast Relay - later to become Rediffusion - set up one of the world's first cable distribution systems

1928 200 Subscribers were now paying three shillings a week, and Broadcast Relay expanded to Braintree, Ramsgate and Hull. It soon flourished, because the depression meant many people could not afford radios, and many houses did not have electricity

1935 The first overseas network - a two programme system in Malta - was set up.

1940 The war bought a further boom, as demand for news and entertainment boomed, and batteries often used to power radios were in short supply
1945 Rediffusion manufactured its
first TV set.

1947 The group started work on the first cable network in the Far East, in Singapore. Further systems were installed soon after in Hong Kong, Malaya and Trinidad. Cable Research and Development Department started.

1950 The worlds first cable TV network began operations in the South East. Called the 'HF' System, it was based on a 'multi-pair' cable.  

1952 The first large scale cable TV system in North America was set up. It reached 58,000 houses in Montreal
1957 Rediffusion cable television started programming in Hong Kong.

1960 The UK's first 'community service' television was introduced by Rediffusion in Houghton Regis, near Luton.
Some of the important dates pioneered by Rediffusion in the development of cable distribution
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Read: Ullswater Report 1935
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