Horace Wiles who joined Radio Distribution in 1935; and worked there and the new Redifusion (1951) until his death in January 1962 at age 46. He also had working with him Mr. John Marshall who is recently deceased.
I do remember as a young boy going with him to the studios on Sunday mornings….in the late 40s early 50s.

These photographs depict him as a young engineer and the other receiving his 25 year gift from the station in 1960.  His wife, now deceased was Daphne and she bore him four children all Girls.. Grace Wiles; Maxine Pilgrim; Rosalind Scantlebury;  and Harriet Blackman. (FYI) I am oldest child, born from his first relationship with Criscilla Jordan….”

Horace Jordan
Horace Wiles - 1
Horace Wiles - 1
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